Olga O. Gerasymova

Gerasymova Olga Oleksandrivna was born in 1975 in Kharkiv. She graduated from the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy in 1997, and a magistracy in the specialty “Pharmacist of General profile” in 1998. Gerasymova Olga Oleksandrivna has worked at the National University of Pharmacy since 1998: a postgraduate student (1998-2001), senior laboratory assistant (1999), junior researcher at the Central Research Laboratory (2000-2001), assistant professor of Pharmacology Department (2001-2004), associate professor of Pharmacoeconomicst Department (since 2004). Gerasymova Olga Oleksandrivna is responsible for the educational work (since 2004), responsible for the practice practice (since 2004), responsible for career guidance work (since 2007) at the Pharmacoeconomics Department.

Educational work. Gerasymova Olga Oleksandrivna is a lecturer on disci-plines “Pharmacoeconomics”, ” Evidence-based medicine”, ” Modern methods of research of biological systems”, “Preparing a pharmaceutical representative”. Gerasymova Olga Oleksandrivna is a co-author of 33 manuals, 1 course of lec-tures, 6 textbooks, 11 teaching and methodological recommendations, typical and work programs on disciplines, which are teach at the Pharmacoeconomics De-partment, 53 publications on methodology of teaching of various disciplines, in-cluding 15 methodical articles.

Scientific research work. The direction of scientific research is a pharmacoeconomic analysis of the use of drugs and modern medical technologies for the prevention and treatment of common diseases and experimental pharmacology. Gerasymova Olga Oleksandrivna defended her Ph.D. thesis on the topic “Study of hepatoprotective effect of the preparation from a grass of a peas sowing – Piflamin” (2003). Gerasymova Olga Oleksandrivna is a co-author of 217 scientific works, including 1 patent and 50 scientific articles.

Social activities. Member of the International Society of Pharmacoeconomic and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), Association of Ukraine Pharmacologists, International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR), Organizing Committee of the Annual Conference “Pharmacoeconomics in Ukraine: State and Prospects of Development”.

Awards. Acknowledgment from the Kharkiv Regional State Administration such as a winner of the VI regional contest “Higher School of the Kharkiv Region – Best Names” in the nomination “Young Scientist” (2004).