Oksana V. Tkachova

Oksana Vitaliivna Tkachоvа was born in Kiev. In 1988 she finished secondary school № 122 (Kiev), in 1995 she graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy on the specialty “Pharmacy” and received a recommendation for research. In Central Research Laboratory NUPh continued her career as a junior research assistant (1995-2002 gg.), and then research assistant (2003-2004 gg.). In 2003 she defended her thesis on “The Experimental study of the antiinflamminatory and reparative properties of unguents altani 2% and lipovit, created on base natural substance” in “Pharmacology”. During 2004-2006, Tkachova O. V. worked as an assistant, and since 2007 ‒ an assistant professor at the Department of pharmacoeconomics. In 2009 Tkachova O. V. received a second higher education from the National University of Pharmacy in the direction of  “Economics of Enterprises”. During 2011-2013 she studied at the doctoral NUPh under the state order. In 2014, she defended her doctoral thesis in “Pharmacology” on the theme: “Pharmacological study of new drugs that are based on natural substances and intended for the topical treatment of wound healing” and received the degree of Doctor of pharmaceutical sciences. Currently Tkachova O.V. works assistant professor of pharmacoeconomics.

Publishing activities …

Scientific works Tkachоva O.V. – co-author of more than 300 scientific works, including patents – 6, articles – 173, abstracts – 112, teaching aids and methodological developments for the educational process – 12, scientific methodical recommendations – 2.


Plant growing, beekeeping, reading, traveling.